The ridiculous underpants eating toilet

The beginning
I'm pantless
The terrible toilet strike’s again
Face off
Someone new
Rich people

Chapter 1, the beginning
One day a boy called John went to the toilet and his nightmare came to life!!!
It all started when Bob his younger brother walked in the bathroom of doom...
He took forever to start but when he started he couldn't stop until he blocked it up when he done a big and long poo, the terrible toilet of doom turned to EVIL mode because it was angry yes very, very angry.
It grabbed Bob in a bad mood and shook him till his wallet fell from his pocket and Bob shouted "stop". "Ma ha ha ha ha,"said the terrible toilet of doom. It tore off Bob's underpants and ate them all up but still it felt hungry!!!

Chapter 2, I’m pantless

The terrible toilet of doom threw Bob into the wall when he was in no pants (what a bad boy).
It then ran, well it couldn't run so it, well I don't know how to describe a toilet running but lets just stick to running shall we.
Right let’s start again now shall we, it ran and jumped for... (Wait for it) Bobs wallet then ripped yes ripped it up and swallowed all the money then bit the credit cards into little bits.
Bob ran and ran till he came to John's room. John lepted out of his skin at this surprise but Bob shouted at John saying "The toilet is evil"."But that can’t be true, you’re lying or imagining again”, said John. "Its true even open the door and you'll find out it’s there”, said an annoyed Bob.

Chapter 3, The Terrible Toilet Strikes Again
John did something bad today he didn't believe his brother and went to the toilet then screamed.
Then he ran for the door but the toilet had locked it. The toilet picked up John and thrown him into the wall then he fell in the bath and his stuff got all wet.
The terrible toilet of doom picked him up again but this time by the feet then he shook him till his wallet fell out. The terrible toilet of doom ran for the wallet picked it up, opened it then ripped it up including the money and credit cards.
"NO!” John shouted at the toilet. The terrible toilet of doom mumbled back then flushed itself. Oh no john thought. The terrible toilet of doom charged, John dodged.
The terrible toilet of doom went flying into the door which meant he had a perfect escape root he just had to time his escape. John ran but the terrible toilet of doom got to its feet and blocked him. John bounced off of the terrible toilet of doom and landed back in the bath.
John laughed while the terrible toilet of doom just stood there confused, he was winning but John was laughing. "What’s so funny”, the toilet mumbled. "you actually thought you could beat me”, John said. The terrible toilet of doom charged again but much faster and catapulted onto John and ripped off his underpants then just laughed. "Thomas the tank engine pants”, the toilet giggled. "I thought you were 11 years old not 4 years old”, he grumbled.
John ran to Bob's room and ran the door over. "you were right Bob”, he said. "Its evil”, he added.

Chapter 4, face off
Tomorrows very, very exciting,Bobs favourite team Liverpool come face to face with John's favourite team Barcelona in the champions league final. It’s on every TV, and Bob and John have been given tickets to see the smackeroo of a game. One day later: Bob and John arrived so early that they saw the teams in the team bus. They got there autographs and got a picture with them. Bob and John got a gift and it was to get a tour with the players and they would be mascots (wow! I’m so jealous). When the champions league song got played Bob got to stand next to TORRES, and John stood next to MESSI. line-ups: Barcelona,Valdes,Pigue,Puyol,Dani Alves,Milito,Iniesta,Xavi, Mascherano, Messi,David Villa and Pedro.

Liverpool,Reina,Agger,Carragher,Johnson,konchesky,Gerrard,Cole,Rodriguez,Babel, Torres,Kuyt.

As it happened...
Penalty...Goal Messi...Goal Cole...HT...INJURY Babel...SUB OFF Babel, ON N'gog...FT...Yellow card Dani Alves...ETHT...GOAL Cole...GOAL David Villa...ETFT


Barca: Goal MESSI...Goal VILLA...Goal PEDRO...Goal ALVES...Goal INIESTA
Liverpool: Goal COLE...Goal GERRARD...Goal TORRES...Goal KUYT...MISS N'GOG
Barcelona win the cup.

“It’s bad we have to move house because of a toilet", said Bob on the way back to what is not going to be theirs in less than a week. "So it's not as bad as not being homeless", said John. "Don’t talk about them people you two", said mum. "Were moving into a lovely house that I bought", said dad. "oh really, so you didn't have any help or given any money”, said mum cheekily. "oh about that, John and Bob I've took 20 pounds each off of you two so we could buy a new flat screen TV”, said dad. "E hem”, chocked mum. "oh yes I did borrow 1,000 pound off of you to darling”, dad said to mum.

Chapter 5, Someone New
After the cup final John's family start to pack because they are moving house!!! The terrible toilet of doom is now very angry so he plans a surprise attack on MUM & DAD..."It’s horrible", said John. "He’s planning us a surprise by stopping us from moving". "We have to get mum and dad involved", said Bob. "But how", said John. "Follow me and play along", said Bob. So bob slowly walked into the living room and gave a huge scream (I'll try and fit it into a word, "aaaaagggghhhh it’s horrible).”What’s wrong boys", asked mum. "It's the terrible toilet of doom it...” said John but he didn't have enough time to finish the sentence because mum butted in and said, "don’t start about that nonsense".”Oh it's not nonsense it's true", said Bob, "and if you don’t believe me go to the toilet up the stairs". So the boy's went up the stairs and prayed mum didn't go to the toilet up the stairs but just then they heard something going up the stairs oh no it's mum. Mum went into the toilet room (AKA:bathroom). Mum ran straight out of the room and took the boys out the house and said lets go.5 months later and finally someone buys the house and a girl called Rebecca stepped into the room with cool bands on her wrist and...She walks out drowsy and both her sleeves ripped of and her bands that she was wearing were all snapped. All the other people in the house screamed and then moved house as quick as a wink.

Chapter 6, Rich people
Loads of people tried the house to buy it but nobody wanted it...5 months later. Someone called Sir Bob Henderson bought the house for one million pound (1,000,000) when it only cost 100, 500, 0. His daughter called Kelly went into the terrible toilet of doom...The terrible toilet of doom prepared itself for this. Then bang the terrible toilet of doom jumped but slipped on the newly polished floor and banged into the bath..."Oh crackers”, said the terrible toilet of doom. Kelly seemed like she never seen it and walked out. Next Sir Bob Henderson went into the bathroom and sat down happily then the terrible toilet of doom prepared for a leap...As said on harry hills TV burp, FIGHT!!!!!Sir Bob Henderson smacks the terrible toilet of doom but the terrible toilet of doom flushes in Sir Bob Henderson's face and the special KO move goes to Sir Bob Henderson for FARTING in the terrible toilet of doom's face...The terrible toilet of doom got tied up took to the dump and dumped in the pile. That was the end of the terrible toilet of doom...Until My other books that I'll work on:

Note: I will work on the book's one by one.

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